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Hormonal Acne…sigh

I’m one of those lucky ducks that suffers from hormonal acne, yay me. This hasn’t always been the case. I’ve had random zits all throughout my life but, this hormonal acne is new to me and caused partially by my last pregnancy. Most of my pregnancy I had nice, glowing (sweaty), skin. I then breastfed my little peanut for around 16 months, which can cause hormonal irregularities. Not to mention the fact that I also suffer from severe endometriosis.

In 2013, I ended up in the emergency room with a terribly swollen abdomen and excruciating pain. The doctor performed exploratory surgery and found a cyst the size of a grapefruit had ruptured and needed to be removed immediately. They ended up also removing my left ovary and Fallopian tube. When I woke up hours later, I was told my diagnosis and that I would never conceive again. In fact, the doctor said she couldn’t believe I had already carried my first son. She then explained to me how bad my condition was and that I would be in even more pain because of all of the scar tissue forming.

I went through about a million different emotions during the weeks to follow. Anger, sadness, confusion and then more anger. I threw away all of my old baby stuff that I had been saving for if we decided to have another baby. That’s what bothered me the most, the fact that it was no longer a decision for us to make. It had been made for us by my endometriosis. Eventually, I healed completely and quit feeling sorry for myself. I felt silly for being so mad especially considering we were perfectly happy with our family of 3! After all, we were lucky to have our only child, some people don’t even get one baby. So, of course, I felt guilty for all of my other feelings. Not even a year later…guess who’s pregnant?? My doctor couldn’t believe it. She even performed an internal ultrasound to be 100% sure.

Back to the acne ?

My condition prevents me from being able to use certain medications others take to treat their hormonal acne. I’ve tried Clinique, Proactiv and a few others. I was checking out Pinterest last weekend, desperately searching for answers, and found a blog about Curology (once named PocketDerm). Basically, it’s an online way to get information and prescriptions from a dermatologist without the office visit. You can chat with them and post pictures of your acne and they prescribe a specific blend just for you.  The success stories seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a shot! I just received my prescription medication today and I can’t wait to try it tonight! I will of course keep you updated on whether it works or is indeed too good to be true. ?

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