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Mind map

Have you ever heard of mind mapping? Yeah, I hadn’t either until a Pinterest binge late one evening. It was maybe a month ago and I was feeling completely overwhelmed by a list of tasks I had to get done. I was in the midst of starting a co rec volleyball team with a friend, planning my best friends bachelorette party, getting everything ready for my kiddo to start the 5th grade (WHAT?!), editing a book and figuring out how to launch this site for my blog. It had gotten to the point where if I even attempted to think of all the things I needed to get done, I would begin to feel panicky and avoidance would creep in to rescue me. You’d think staying home with Cy would mean I have all the time in the world to get things done. This is not always true. Sure, on my resume it says I’m organized, and I can be, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. Staying home means I have to manage my time appropriately while simultaneously building in time for Cy to have an hour (or day) where I can’t do a thing because he wants nothing more than to sit on my lap or snuggle me. Mind mapping is something I found while scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest at 1am one of those fun nights I couldn’t sleep. Instead of just pinning it and moving on to the next thing waiting to be pinned, I clicked the link and read the entire blog. Just reading it made me feel better. The next morning, I sat at the table and tried it. I loved it! I used an old notebook and began by writing the overall task in the center with webs reaching outward to ideas that linked to what I needed to complete it. It was messy and totally therapeutic. Once I was finished, all the stress and panicky feelings vanished. They were replaced with motivation. I guess that could have been the coffee. Anyways, I finished everything I needed to get done AND it was all done on time. How exciting. ? I definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you’re feeling anxious about the things on your todo list. 

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