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Little moments

Last week, we surprised Tyrus, our 10 year old, by taking him out of school and driving to KC for a Royals game (they’re his favorite team). We went swimming in the hotel and ate all of the delicious, (very overpriced) snacks. ? Both mornings we drove out of the way to my favorite breakfast place and each overate significantly. It’s one of those places that not only has amazing food but really great quality coffee as well, and that’s hard to find.  Sadly, the Royals ended up losing by quite a bit but, we had a blast together and Cy did and incredible job, for a 19 month old. We explored each of the shops inside the stadium and found some really cool things. The best purchase of he entire weekend was a package of baseball cards Ian found for Tyrus. After Ian and Tyrus finished swimming, they came up to the room and opened up the cards to go through together. They were going over each card in detail and then putting them in piles based on importance. I think they read every single one and talked about every game or fact Ian knew about. Tyrus soaked in every word his dad said like a sponge. The trip had been filled with fun and exciting adventures but watching them in this little moment was the best part by far. I absolutely love trapping these moments in my mind and reliving them over and over again. Oh, and I snapped a few pictures too, of course! ??

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