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If you’ve read through my posts, you know how much I love the gym. Well, about a month ago I wasn’t able to go in as much as I wanted to, basically because of life. Cy was sick and we were just extra busy. When I did have the time to go back, I found myself feeling incredibly self conscious. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I was feeling that way. I’m fairly comfortable with the way I look and I know how to use the equipment (for the most part ?). I just felt out of place. I talked to Ian about how I was feeling and he hit the nail on the head. Sure, I was going to the gym and working out, but I had zero plan. Failure to plan is planning to fail…someone important said that I’m sure. So, he helped me come up with a weekly plan to keep me accountable and even more importantly, motivated. Each day I have a specific workout and Sunday and Monday are my days of rest. 

Here’s a screenshot of my daily routines?

And this is what the routines look like once you’re ready to begin your workout ?

My goal is to follow this plan for one month and note my progress. Then, I’ll begin a different set of routines. To keep track of my progress, I downloaded an app called Strong. I choose this specific app because it allows you create your own routines. It also stores what weight you’ve done in previous workouts so you can adjust accordingly to gain strength. My favorite feature is the ability to make notes within each exercise. There’s the option to make a note of your choice or even mark failure. For example, the first time I did my arm routine, I had 3 different sets where I failed. The next week when it was time to do arms again I didn’t fail and it was really exciting to see that quick progress. And, at the end of your routine you can take a picture of yourself feeling proud, sweaty and accomplished ?. Here I am forcing myself to smile ?. 

What helps keep you motivated?! ?

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