Friends I miss. 


Do you ever just miss somebody? I do. I was texting a friend today and all I wanted to do was meet her at a coffee shop so we could sit, face to face and catch up.  Unfortunately, a lot of my friends have moved away because of job opportunities, military relocation or family circumstances. I suppose it comes along with living in a college town. So, I’m going to tell you about a few friends I miss.

  • First friend is a brand new mom and she has TWINS! We’ve been friends for a while, but, we’ve gotten miles closer despite the hundreds of miles between us. The two of us began our blogs almost simultaneously. Having her to bounce ideas off of and discuss this adventure with has been tremendous. We’ve been texting every day and it’s so comforting. (She’s also a great lifting buddy, minus the fact that she is way stronger than me!) Check out her blog at
  • Next friend, she moved to a very small town with her husband to farm years ago. She’s incredibly strong and inspiring. Within the last couple of years she has become a personal trainer and owner of a gym, all while being a mom to two beautiful boys and working on the farm. Every once in a while she visits home and I get to see her!
  • This friend relocated just last year. She traveled with her husband and then they settled down in a new place. It’s such a cool story and they prove that you aren’t really “stuck” or “tied down” to any place or situation and life is an adventure. This lady has always been an incredible friend, she is truly a great person and I strive to be just a shred as kind and optimistic as she is.
  • The third lady left shortly after we graduated from KSU to pursue a job at an agency. Basically, my partner in crime all throughout college. I will never forget our many lunch dates and scrambling to get to class on time in Kedzie Hall. Now, we stay connected through our beloved Snapchats. She’s a snap queen and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.
  • This friend moved only a few hours away and he visits fairly often, so, I’m spoiled and get to have long coffee dates with him! He’s been one of my best friends since high school and is easily one of the most intelligent people on the planet and the definition of a humanitarian. 
  • I’m only going to talk about one more friend because writing this post is truly bumming me out. She moved to Arizona for her career as a veterinarian. This chick is so strong and wonderful.We met during my Crossfit days and we would workout together daily. We don’t really talk much these days, but, I know she’s incredibly busy. 

Hopefully, these people will read my post and know I’m talking about them. I’ll cherish the times we’ve had and look forward to hopefully a few more in person. I feel lucky to have so many friends to miss!

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  1. i spent my childhood moving around and losing friends. Most of my adult life has been spent in this college town near an army base. Many of my friends have moved away. It’s tough! I get tired of “losing” people close to me. I understand your pain, and like you I miss coffee house chats, walks on campus, or workouts at the gym with friends. Change is a constant in life, but man it sucks sometimes!

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