Resolutions anyone?

I’ve never put too much thought into my New Years resolutions but this year I decided, why not?! Some say making a list of goals just because it’s the start of a new year is pointless. My mind set is why not make a list of goals anytime you want? And, if the beginning of a new year feels like the best time, go for it! However, I do think it can be a sure fire way to set you up for failure IF it’s not done properly. It depends on the manner in which you set your goals. For instance, if your resolution is to “get in the best shape of your life” or “become a better person”, I mean….come on, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck accomplishing those in a year without some seriously specific steps written out to get you there. Honestly, these are the EXACT kind of resolutions I’ve made in the past and I think the farthest into the year they’ve seen is maybe February, (doubt they even made it that far ?).  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with goals like this, they’re great things for anyone to strive for. But, they won’t last and the reason is they’re no where near specific enough. To achieve a goal it must be clear and precise. You need the baby steps in between to get you on the right path to that finished product.  For instance, instead of “get in the best shape of my life”, I’d write a list of all the things I’d need to do in order for this to actually occur. Here are a few of my goals for this year that will help me to accomplish that broad resolution of getting into shape:

  1. Eat from home & end our excessive eating of takeout. Sit down with family and choose meals for entire week and prep them, excluding Friday, this day we will go out to eat. ?
  2. Just say NO to soda pop, my goal is to make it the entire year without drinking any diet or regular soda. (This is definitely gonna be a tough one for me!)
  3. Get to the gym earlier in the day to avoid putting it off all together. (I ? the gym so this is an easy one.)
  4.  Use my macros plus app CONSISTENTLY to keep meals on track and accounted for. 
  5. Add HIIT to my weekly gym routine. 
  6. ALWAYS have protein within 30 minutes of lifting. 

Next, I will go into my notebook and write out goals underneath each of these, because even they need to be more specific. This is a great start for me when it comes to actually achieving my goal because they are all actions I KNOW can be done by me.  

There is no wrong time to make goals for yourself! 

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