Hormonal acne update. 


One of my very first posts here at chance of lemons was about my struggle with hormonal acne. As I stated in that post, I have tried a slew of remedies, none of which have been successful. Curology was very gentle and made my skin that didn’t have any acne very smooth and bright. Sadly, it didn’t do a damn thing for any of my actually problem areas. While using the online chat option through their site I was able to talk back and forth with one of their dermatologists who gave me advice that has truly made the biggest difference. I told her my issues with the product they sent me and she suggested I begin taking a low dose birth control pill. Personally, I’m less than thrilled about taking a pill containing things I can’t even begin to pronounce almost every day of the month. I brushed off her suggestion immediately. A couple weeks after our conversation I began experiencing excruciating pain from my (stupid, pain in the a$$) endometriosis and set up an appointment to see my doctor. Their solution was the same as the Curology dermatologist. I mentioned my acne along with my hard feeling towards the pill. They explained to me the benefits, in my situation, would outweigh the negatives and if I gave it a shot for 3-6 months and I wasn’t seeing improvement, to stop taking it. I filled the prescription but didn’t begin taking the pills right away because you have to wait until a certain time to start them, ladies you know what I’m talking about ?. During this wait, I decided to finally start the unblemish regimen from Rodan and Fields. The before and after pictures are quite impressive and along with a push from a friend, I jumped right in. I did see improvement in my skin almost immediately but after about a month and a half my skin began to revert back to its old acne prone ways. I was urged to stick with it, but I could tell it just wasn’t for me. I felt deflated to say the least. I know those of you that have suffered from any type of acne will understand the feeling I’m talking about. I eat well, drink tons of water, exercise, use mineral makeup, keep my skin clean and it still is never enough. The frustration started to build and I found myself getting annoyed at people I didn’t even know. I’d see someone smoking or drinking soda and tons of terrible food and get pissed because they have nice skin and I didn’t. Fact of the matter is I was jealous and sad. Not a good mindset to be in AT ALL. I’m not proud of those thoughts and I know it’s ridiculous BUT I also know I’m probably not the only person to feel this way, I have to be honest even if it’s unattractive or embarrassing. So, I scheduled another appointment with my doc and was prescribed with Epiduo, a topical spot treatment to use every other night. I was also instructed to use water or a very mild cleanser morning and evening along with a moisturizer containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Fast forward a month down the road, I have zero cystic acne (knock on wood) and very few pimples. The birth control and moisturizer are what I believe made the most difference. I’m thrilled with the improvement in my skin and my hormones have finally adjusted to the pill, thank goodness. My journey to healthy skin is ongoing.

Now, my focus is on improving the texture of my skin. It’s still uneven and recovering from all the different treatments I’ve applied to it along the way. I experienced my first chemical peel just a few days ago. I know, it sounds creepy and gross to say the least! ? My nerves were a mess before the appointment and scary visuals of my entire face peeling like a bad sunburn were all I could imagine. Well, it didn’t hurt at all and my face already looks more even and healthy. Side note…they told me not to get overheated or sweaty and this is my biggest hurdle. How am I supposed to go to the gym??? Yep, the hardest part for me is missing my workouts. ? I may or may not have gone anyway and had to stop because my face turned the color of a ripe tomato. Maybe.

Here are a couple links to the products I mentioned that aren’t prescription: Micellar cleansing water & CeraVe moisturizer

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