Full disclosure, I get tired. I feel laziness creep in daily making me idle. Each day is filled with similar tasks and with the weather being less than inviting this time of year, we get bored and grouchy inside all day. So, every morning (almost), I make my coffee and tell myself, suck it up buttercup and we begin our day. I love, love, love staying home with my boys don’t get me wrong, I just long for the days spent running around outside together. When I’m feeling in a funk like this, all I really need is a simple change of perspective.

I love a good perspective shift, it forces me to think of a situation in a light previously unseen. So, when the days become monotonous or just too much I remember this list.

Everyday I’m grateful for…

  • Always loading and unloading the stinkin’ dishwasher = Meals you’ve had with your family
  • Cleaning the toilet = You get to go potty inside
  • Shopping to be done = Money for items you need
  • Endless noise and mess = Kiddos having fun together
  • Non-stop, mind-numbing questions = Brains expanding
  • Never getting to sleep in = Children that love you so much they must talk to you immediately upon waking
  • Going to bed exhausted = Very much alive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Life is what you make it. Turn those ? lemons ? into lemonade hehe or at least slice them up and use them as you please. ?

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