Off track.

Off track, again. Less going out to eat and preparing healthy meals at home, yeah, that hasn’t been happening. I have zero excuses people. I have the time to plan and prep meals every week, IF I would just do it. Man, I hate to admit it ,but, I have thrown out quite a few packages of spinach and other healthy foods we didn’t get around to eating. Yep, we were too busy getting “fast food”…which is rarely any quicker than making your own meal. Shame on us. It’s no problem making time for the gym to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Why is it so hard to give our nutrition the same dedication and commitment? ?We’ve done it before, in years past we have eaten super strict. There was a time when we ate nothing but meat and vegetables with the occasional fruit and corn tortilla chips as special treat. And, totally gluten free. I honestly wonder if the fact that it was so incredibly limiting helped me. I knew exactly what I could and could not have, there was no guessing involved whatsoever, no grey area. Having a 10 year old and a 2 year old makes this type of strict dieting impractical. I would have to make multiple meals and let’s face it, that ain’t happenin’. My 2017 goal was too broad and a little too much pressure for me. So, I decided to redesign it with my real life in mind. Truth is, we will eat meals from restaurants from time to time, even if it’s not a designated going out to eat day. I’ve decided this is okay. As long as I’m preparing 90% or more of our family meals, I’m counting it as a success. I don’t need to have a menu for the entire month. About three days at a time seems to be perfect for our family. Really, I’m not that awesome at prepping a ton of food at once without feeling like it’s gotten old sitting in the fridge. ? I’d rather cook some things the day we are going to eat them, others I don’t mind preparing a few days ahead, it just depends. To get myself weened off of all the added sugars, fats and bullshit found in all food cooked anywhere but your own kitchen, I’m currently counting my macros and limiting carbs that aren’t from greens. Friday is my “cheat” day and I’ll definitely treat myself some but I’d like to stay on track and only allow a slight indulgence, we’ll see how that goes. The plan to follow this lower carb period is carb cycling by counting my macros. It has been the most efficient and fastest way to get results that I’ve ever used, and it’s nice because just when you’re feeling deprived of all the delicious foods you love, boom it’s a high carb day and you can enjoy them (in moderation).  The plan at this point is to continue lifting and introduce tabata workouts 2-3 times per week as well. It’s okay to get off track, I certainly have multiple times and I always beat myself up about it. I hope if you’re struggling with something that you find your way back again! Stay positive and know that you’ve got this, whatever it may be! ??

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