Boog, the Frenchie. 

​Let’s go all the way back to when it was just Boston, the boxer and Biscuit, the pug. They were the best of friends for several years. To keep the story short I’ll dive right in. Boston ran away one day, for him this wasn’t really out of the norm, but, this time was different. We looked for him all over town and called and called different places only to eventually be told animal control had taken him to the shelter and had discovered throat cancer and decided immediately to put him to sleep. I remember my heart sinking into my stomach and that overwhelming feeling of sadness and disbelief I felt when they told me what they had done. The sadness was quickly replaced with anger, which didn’t do any good. It was done and there was nothing that could be done. So, Biscuit (the pug), was our only dog for about a year or so when we received a call from a friend saying they had a wonderful boxer they were fostering that would be a perfect fit for our family. It was love at first sight. Duh. And, so began our journey with Rogue, the boxer and Biscuit, the pug. They were in love from the moment they gave each other their first bum sniffs. We had never rescued a dog before and it was definately a new experience. Rogue was frightened of certain things, brooms, the swiffer, and men in particular. After a few months, all of his fears seemed to vanish and he came out of his shell revealing the sweetest, happiest pup anyone could ever meet. Rogue and Biscuit shared a large crate and were pretty much inseprable. One morning, I went to let the dogs outside and Rogue shot out of the crate past me whimpering and trembling. I called for Biscuit to come out and then looked in and it seemed like he was asleep. He always slept on his side with all four legs stretched out. I reached in and he was still. No breath, nothing. The vet said the most likely explanation was a heart attack and must have passed in his sleep.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried as hard as I did that morning. Biscuit was an absolute treasure and such a huge part of our little family. At the time, I was about 4 months pregnant with Cy and the thought of them not meeting still breaks my heart to this day. From that morning on, Rogue would not set foot in our house. I thought for sure it would pass and he would be fine with a new crate and some extra cuddles. This was not the case. In fact, we tried anti anxiety medicine, staying at a relatives house with him, and so many other things I can’t keep them straight. Clearly, this was a traumatic event for all of us and it hit him extremely hard. My mom and aunt agreed to take him into their home and care for him since it wasn’t healthy for him to be with us under such stress. Two and a half dog-less years went by and I have so missed the presence of a dog in our home. After some research, we landed on a breed that fits our family perfectly, the french bulldog. We all agreed that we did not want a boxer or pug this time around because we would feel like we were “replacing” our lost pets. We also chose not to adopt, I know buying a dog when there are so many in need of homes is not the most popular choice at the moment, but, we decided this was the best decision for our family. Meet Boog ?Boog is from a local and reputable breeder that we know personally. Flash forward a few months, and he has settled into our family like a once missing puzzle piece. I am now that annoying lady that asks if she can bring her dog literally everywhere. We even take him to most of Tyrus’ baseball tournaments. He’s hilarious and has the exact personality I was hoping for and in many ways I see Boston, Biscuit and Rogue in him each day. I will apologize in advance for the many, many videos and pictures I’ll be posting of him from now on! ?Below are pictures of Tyrus with Biscuit, Boston and Rogue. ?

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