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I’ve been interested in yoga for quite some time but  haven’t had the courage to actually practice it. I’m basically a late night creeper of the really advanced yogis on Instagram, oops. ? I think part of my hesitation has been the fact that it’s not really something that comes naturally to me and I honestly might look dumb, which literally happens all the time so I’m not sure why this has stopped me ?. I’ve gotten used to strength training, with maybe a crossfit wod thrown in here and there. When I workout I have my headphones blaring and I don’t think about much besides the next rep or what weight I’m going to use. With all of my yoga stalking, yes, let’s just keep it honest and call it what it is ?,  it seems to be mostly about finding your breath and self reflection. Two things I find pretty intimidating. My whole life I’ve been kind of a “don’t think about it and it’ll go away” type of person. And, no this doesn’t ever work, EVER. I like to call myself an optimist, which I guess is mostly true. Anyway, point is, in many situations I tend to bury a feeling instead of confront and deal with it. This cute little habit of mine has cost me friendships among other things and is something I’m working on as I am a work in progress. One way I’ve decided to to work on myself is to try what I’m interested in instead of being an admirer on the sidelines. So, here goes to stepping out of my comfort zone.  I’m going to start with some pretty basic core work and hopefully evolve into inversions and some of the more fun stuff one day in the far away future. My hope is to find a little more of myself on the journey and maybe inspire anyone who has felt the same as I do to just dive in. To help hold myself accountable, I’ll post what I’m doing on IG each week @chanceoflemons. Stay tuned. ?

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  1. I love Yoga. I don’t practice it as much as I used to. Which basically means like never. I feel like I don’t have time to work out anymore. I gained so much weight from my pregnancy, I really want to loose it. I am inspired to start doing yoga again. Thanks for this awesome post. I am looking forward to hearing about your yoga experiences.

    1. I completely understand how you’re feeling! I have to make myself workout almost everyday or I get into slumps where I don’t go at all!

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